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Nurse Donette

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"Caring About Your Child"


As your child's school nurse I care deeply about their health needs and well being. Over the school year, I cover classroom lesson topics on good hand washing, cover your cough, classmates with health issues, nutrition, healthy choices, and good dental habits.  I'm always adding to my list to ensure that they are both happy and healthy.  Also as the school nurse, I'm only as good as my staff around me who are there to help and support. I help keep the staff and teachers updated on their yearly required inservices about health issues involving the students' needs.  Both the teachers and parents are welcome to come to my clinic with questions or concerns at any time and I will find the answers for you. I take a lot of pride in New Union and each Rebel student.

A little about me, I graduated from a Florida high school in 1978.  Then went on to nursing school the following year, graduated, passed the state boards which started my thiry-two year career as a nurse. I like to think of it as a calling which I have received many blessings.  My husband and myself moved to Tennessee with our three sons in 1993 after running our finger over a map of the USA and stopping on Hillsboro, Tennessee. That is where we call home with our grown sons and four dogs. On my off days I to travel in my camper to camp and hike the mountains. Maybe I'll see you there out in the fresh air. 

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