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Parent/Teacher Compact 2020-2021
Posted On:
Monday, September 14, 2020

Coffee County Schools

School-Parent-Student Compact

Title 1: New Union Elementary School

2020 - 2021


Our annual compact offers ways we can work together and help our students succeed and maintain a partnership to share responsibility for supporting your child’s learning.  


School’s Responsibility:

  • Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive, effective environment to meet student academic standards and school goals.

  • Follow state curriculum standards provided by TDOE

  • Build partnerships through a variety of family learning nights and provide assistance in understanding academic standards, assessments and how to monitor your child’s progress

  • Provide opportunities for ongoing communication through, at a minimum:

    • annual parent-teacher conferences

    • mid-nine week academic progress reports and quarterly report cards

    • School website and social media page

    • two-way communication between family members and school staff, and to extent practicable, in a language that is understandable

    • reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer, and observe classroom activities

Parent’s Responsibility:

  • Encourage your child to attend school on time and regularly

  • Encourage your child to show positive school behavior

  • Review homework and offer support when needed

  • Monitor your child’s social media presence and time spent on electronic devices

  • Sign progress reports and report cards

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences

  • Participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of your child.

  • Volunteer in your child’s school or classroom if time permits

Student’s Responsibility:

  • Attend school every day possible and be on time.

  • Come to school prepared

  • Complete and return homework.  Ask for help when needed.

  • Provide parents with all notices and information received from school

  • Be responsible and respectful

Please Sign and Return to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Parent signature:  ___________________________________  Student name:  ______________________

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