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Betsy Ratliff Staff Photo
I earned my BS degree in 1987 at MTSU.  As you know, learning is an ongoing process. Throughout the years I have taken numerous graduate level classes to update and improve my skills as an educator. 


This is my 27th year teaching, with 25 of those years teaching second grade. I love being a teacher and I just can't see myself doing anything else!


I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  As a child my father built me a one room "school" play house instead of the typical play house most little girls desired. I pretended I was Laura Ingalls Wilder. So, I knew I wanted to be a teacher at a very early age. My oldest brother is also a teacher in Hickman County. 

I have been married for almost 27 years. Doug is an Aerospace Project Engineer for ATA out at the base. We have two sons, Hunter 20 and Taylor 18. Hunter is a Junior at UT Knoxville majoring in Nuclear Engineering and Taylor is a Freshman at Motlow in the Two Plus Two program majoring in Criminal Justice. Both boys reached the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America, so that journey has been a very important part of our lives for several years. 

Besides teaching, I enjoy the holidays more than the average person. This past Christmas I had 34 Christmas trees throughout my house! This year my goal is 40 trees! During Halloween we adopt a theme and roll with it. In the past five years we have enjoyed the Pirate theme. We  transformed our yard into a wrecked pirate ship with many other pirate themed scenes in the yard. It's so much fun watching the reaction in the faces of children! Seeing their expressions makes the months of preparation worth it! 


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