About The School

New Union Elementary School Vision, Goal, Mission, and Guiding Principles



All students leave NUES performing at their fullest potential and prepared for success in middle grades and beyond.



Every child achieves one or more year’s growth each school year.



To serve our students, families, and community through:

  • High expectations for student achievement

  • Highly qualified educators, standards-based curriculum, and rigorous instruction

  • A positive school culture where struggles are not seen as failures, but as learning opportunities

  • A safe and welcoming school environment


Guiding Principles

In order to realize our vision, meet our goal, and fulfill our mission, we will:

  • Maximize instructional time to focus on student learning

  • Hold ourselves accountable to our mission by engaging in ongoing professional development, collaborating with other professionals to plan standards-based instruction, providing students with timely feedback as they learn, and doing whatever it takes for each student to succeed

  • Filter decisions through the question, “How does this promote our students’ learning?”

  • Make student and staff attendance a priority

  • Promote a safe and supportive environment in which we recognize that failure is intrinsic to growth and is viewed as an opportunity for learning

  • Enlist the support of our families and community members to help us reach our goal

  • Recognize and celebrate success